3S provides life sciences industry clients with the validated, unbiased, market backed data solutions that are necessary to support market entry and growth strategy planning processes.

The 3S Life Sciences Market Entry & Growth Strategies Portfolio is comprised of data capture programs individually tailored to support client specific strategic initiatives such as:

  • Market Assessment
  • Market Valuation
  • Prototype / Concept Testing
  • Message Testing
  • Ad Testing
  • Market Entry
  • Corporate Growth

The programs contained within the 3S Life Sciences Market Entry & Growth Strategies Portfolio are based upon our proprietary 'Identify, Assess, and Test' (I.A.T.) market research methodology and powered by PreVisionRx™.

PreVisionRx™ is a proprietary, highly predictive and precise analytical process integrating quantitative and qualitative research components. This analytical process consistently yields unbiased, validated, market backed data solutions upon which strategic business decisions are confidently based.

3S understands the critical importance of current, unbiased, and accurate market backed data, as well as  the impact such data can have on the development of business strategies.

We realize that clients must maintain an unsurpassed understanding of market trends and the factors driving these trends, in order to successfully compete and achieve sustainable growth...

3S specializes in the collection and interpretation of unbiased market data on a global basis.

Unbiased data can be defined as; primary market data that are accurately collected through a process which ensures respondents are blinded to the organization for which data are being collected.

Unfortunately, organizations that set out to collect primary market data on their own behalf, risk collecting data which are potentially skewed due to respondent partiality and therefore highly suspect as a basis for strategic decision making.  It is well recognized that respondents, with all good intention, often try to please the manufacturers with whom they interact regularly.

Our ‘in-house’ market research team works regularly with the global clinical communities in which our clients focus, subsequently earning their respect and trust.  Our in-depth knowledge of these communities is applied in many aspects of the research process including the manner in which each project is positioned, to ensure maximum participation.

Our team is equipped with first hand, industry experience within these clinical categories and therefore, our market backed recommendations are clearly interpreted, readily actionable, and designed to be an integral component of strategy development.

Our primary and secondary market research often includes; interviews and focus groups with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Physicians, and other product stakeholders/key decision-makers; Expert Panels; data base searches; customized market intelligence reports, and survey analysis.

3S manages all aspects associated with the planning and implementation of research programs, consisting of:

  • Respondent Recruitment
  • Focus Groups
  • Indepth Interviews (IDI)
  • Online Market Research Surveys
  • Floor Research conducted at the 3S market research booths during clinical conferences and trade shows

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