Where's the talent?

The best performing management professionals are inundated with calls and requests from recruiters on a regular basis. Top talent is rarely in the market for a career change. However, they may be more apt to consider an opportunity with an employer who is willing to invest its resources in a retained, rather than contingency, search.

Why does an organization that is willing to invest in a retained search attract the most desirable candidates? Successful management professionals are savvy. They have been on both sides of the hiring process. They realize that unless an employer invests in a retained search, they may, or may not actually intend on filling a position. Perhaps an employer is ‘testing the waters’, or ‘building their bench’, by reaching out to potential applicants, at no cost, through the efforts of a contingency recruiter.

Therefore, there is usually an issue of trust when interacting with contingency recruiters,   especially since the most viable management candidates are typically employed.  During these tough, economic times, a candidate cannot risk jeopardizing their current position by sharing their career objectives, compensation information, and in some instances, their reputation, by aligning themselves with a contingency firm that may or may not actually have a contract with a potential employer.

When working with a retained firm, a candidate can be assured that their confidential information will remain confident. Contingency recruiters utilize candidates’ resumes in order to attract the attention of an employer, for the purpose of securing a ‘license to hunt.’ In most instances, a candidate is not even aware that their information has been shared. Contingency recruiters also tend to ‘trade’ resumes and information with other recruiters, without a candidate’s knowledge, much less, permission. Obviously, it is in a candidate’s best interest to ensure they are entrusting the most reliable individuals with their valuable time and professional interests.

A retained firm will not distribute a candidate’s resume without the candidate’s approval. Retained firms work exclusively on behalf of their clients. There is not a motive to ‘pass around resumes’ or to use a candidate’s confidential information as ‘bait.’ The most qualified, management candidates are familiar with these practices and have likely experienced a broken confidence, or time wasted with invalid ‘opportunities.’ These are some reasons, among others, that a search can drag on and on for months at a time, without ever attracting viable candidates.

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