Clinical Specialist Recruiting

Clinical Specialist Recruiting

When recruiting Clinical Specialists to represent your company’s products and services, it is best to keep in mind that a clinician’s values differ from those of mainstream, non clinical professionals.

Similar to the mainstream, clinicians prefers to work for organizations that are economically sound and secure.

Where a clinician’s priorities differ may come as a surprise.

While the economic aspect of a potential opportunity carries weight, a compensation package is typically not the determining factor for most clinicians. As a matter of fact, to a clinician, a generous compensation package is more or less assumed, whether they choose to represent an organization as a clinical specialist, or  the traditional role of treating patients, they are able to command a competitive compensation package.

Rather, clinicians are extremely focused on a company’s reputation amongst the clinical community. A clinician will not consider employment with a company unless they truly believe in the company’s products and core values.

Clinicians’ perceptions of companies as potential employers are often based upon their first-hand experiences with those companies, as well as the experiences reported by their colleagues. Clinicians’ opinions are also greatly influenced by the company representatives with which they routinely interact.  In most instances, this would be the company sales representatives.  Sales representatives have the most significant impact on a clinician’s assessment of an organization as a potential employer.

It is of utmost importance that your sales professionals understand that the manner in which they represent your organization and your products may have a viable secondary impact; the opportunity to hire highly respected clinical specialists capable of long term support of their valuable sales efforts.

3S Consulting Group has a profound understanding of the clinical communities operating within the clinical categories in which we focus.  Through the plethora of clinical market research conducted by 3S over the last eight years, the 3S team has established an extensive database of clinical professionals, as well as highly productive, long term relationships and a level of trust within the various clinical communities that is unsurpassed. We are therefore afforded an unparalleled level of access to potential clinical specialist candidates.

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