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brand strategies

Integrated product launch and commercialization strategies result in brand selection and brand loyalty.

brand strategies

Integrated product launch and commercialization strategies ensure revenue and market share objectives are achieved.

revenue and market share objectives

Integrated product launch and commercialization strategies lead to long term sustainable growth.


Depth of Experience

Experienced multidisciplinary team of pharmaceutical and medtech industry brand strategy experts each offering over 20 years of brand strategy experience.

Our Proprietary Panel

Our Proprietary Panel

3S leverages its extensive opt-in proprietary panel of providers, patients, payers, and patient influencers to support client upstream and downstream market objectives.

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PreVisionRx™ Research & Assessment Methodology

PreVisionRx™ is a proprietary, highly predictive and precise analytical process integrating quantitative and qualitative research components. This analytical process consistently yields unbiased, validated, market backed data solutions upon which strategic business decisions are confidently based.

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"Our company turned to 3S Consulting Group to assist in validating several years of anecdotal market feedback related to the value proposition of our proprietary technologies. The access 3S provided to key purchasing decision makers as well as front line clinicians resulted in valuable feedback on both the strengths and weaknesses of our go to market value proposition.

Through a series of one on one interviews and larger scale internet surveys, we learned that our technology was pointed directly at an unmet customer need.  It also confirmed that the positive feedback from our field sales force and KOL’s was accurate. However, we learned that the words used to convey this message were oftentimes confusing. It became obvious that this confusion was an impediment to initiating new opportunities as well as proliferating existing business.  Prior to engaging a design firm to double down on this value proposition the business unit worked with 3S to develop and vet several approaches to communicating this message.

This work provided our team a validated value proposition that was clear and easy to understand throughout the provider community. We have since doubled the size of our sales force, and expect to see continued growth from this product segment for many years to come.”

J.E. – Marketing Director

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