3S' licensing, acquisition, and valuation modeling practice is dedicated to providing clients with guidance pertaining to each of the following strategic areas.

  • Medical Assessment and Development of Target Product Profiles - Therapeutic area assessment in light of disease severity and the current and projected performance of marketed and pipeline products; development and validation of target product profiles which detail the minimum and desired performance characteristics required to achieve clinical and market success.
  • Market Analysis and Development of Patient Based Market Models - Analysis of patient demographics, therapeutic dynamics, and projected pricing, volume and share for marketed and pipeline products.
  • Development Strategy and Implementation Plans - Overall development strategy including projected activities, timelines and costs.
  • Product Valuation - An integrated approach that employs deterministic risk modeling of all or part of the development and sales achievement processes to provide a risk adjusted P&L.  Product value is determined by discounting risk adjusted net income at a rate equal to the “risk-free” cost of money.  The approach permits identification of key value drivers as well as the relationship between value and stage of development.  It also permits the determination of risk adjusted incremental return as a function of risk adjusted incremental investment.
  • Licensing Strategy and Deal Valuation - A risk adjusted approach that integrates product valuation with deal comparable and partner analyses to facilitate the optimization of deal structure and value.
  • Portfolio Management - Resource allocation to maximize overall portfolio value over a defined time frame; assessment of commercialization strategies – internal development vs out licensing.

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