"I think it should be me thanking you actually….so, thank you and the team for your inputs and engagement in our study. The insights your team brought have enabled us to fine-tune our strategy to maximize our potential. Importantly there are a couple of easy wins for us and an issue that would have tripped us up has now been avoided. Looking forward to the next time we work together."

M.S. - Director of Marketing & Business Development

"Our company contracted with 3S Consulting Group to assist us in determining the viability of introducing a proprietary technology to the U.S. market. 3S’ role was to identify, assess, and test potential market entry strategies including; market, reimbursement, and distribution considerations, and to present the entry strategy most likely to result in successfully monetizing our technology.

During the course of the research conducted by 3S, we learned that our lead technology at the time would not be widely embraced by the market and that we would need to focus on developing a product with attributes the market data reflected would be embraced. We therefore, terminated this portion of the product and redeployed our resources to focus on developing a technology more in-line with market demand.  This redeployment of resources resulted in cost saving of over $200,000 to our engineering and marketing budgets. More importantly, this redeployment of resources allowed us to bring a product to market sooner than anticipated resulting in significant sales and ultimately a successful licensing arrangement valued at over $25M."

J.K. - President 

I have known Stephen and Lisa for over 10 years and have worked with 3S on many occasions throughout my career.

We have relied on 3S to recruit Product Management positions with very good results. Of particular note was one of our highest performing and potential talents. She was identified and recruited by 3S. This person has gone on to greater responsibility and lived up to her billing and recruitment promise. 3S' assessment and guidance throughout the hiring process was very professional and well done.

Organizations that I have been associated with have worked with 3S on numerous projects. We have worked on product and concept design research which resulted in tremendous customer insight that help mold and develop some of our key brands.  3S also worked with us on numerous reimbursement projects. These projects led to greater insight into the reimbursement landscape of the identified products and helped shape the evidence that was subsequently developed. This work also helped to position the products appropriately. From a customer experience standpoint, I have always found Steve and Lisa to be highly professional, ethical and quick to lend an experienced hand when recommending a course of action. Steve and Lisa are very experienced in the wound care space and their network of professionals are highly credible and knowledgeable. I look forward to working with 3S again and would recommend their services to anyone looking for a broad competence in Market Research, Health Economics, Reimbursement expertise or in the recruitment of marketing and clinical personnel.”

R.S. - Global Vice President, Marketing  

"As a Life science organization, well established in Europe, it was the time to consider an expansion of our activities in the US.

Working with 3S Consulting in understanding this very specific market and in structuring our entry strategy, was very inspirational and effective as it resulted in the  establishment of a highly profitable joint-venture with a strong US marketing partner.

Throughout the six month engagement, we found 3S very clear and close to our requests, not to mention supportive in the business development mission within the US Advanced Wound Care market. Thanks again for your tremendous assistance!"

X.P. - International Director 

"Our company turned to 3S Consulting Group to assist in validating several years of anecdotal market feedback related to the value proposition of our proprietary technologies. The access 3S provided to key purchasing decision makers as well as front line clinicians resulted in valuable feedback on both the strengths and weaknesses of our go to market value proposition.

Through a series of one on one interviews and larger scale internet surveys, we learned that our technology was pointed directly at an unmet customer need.  It also confirmed that the positive feedback from our field sales force and KOL’s was accurate. However, we learned that the words used to convey this message were oftentimes confusing. It became obvious that this confusion was an impediment to initiating new opportunities as well as proliferating existing business.  Prior to engaging a design firm to double down on this value proposition the business unit worked with 3S to develop and vet several approaches to communicating this message.

This work provided our team a validated value proposition that was clear and easy to understand throughout the wound care community. We have since doubled the size of our sales force, and expect to see continued growth from this product segment for many years to come.”

J.E. – Marketing and Communications Manager 

"We recently worked with 3S to conduct a health economics assessment of one of our products as part of a prospective randomized controlled multicenter clinical trial. The output of the project included statistically valid cost assessments of both material and labor costs.  Also, a tool was developed to estimate treatment costs based on inputs identified and validated during the clinical trial.

As with many multicenter clinical trials, this project took much longer to complete than originally estimated.  Since most of the health economics assessment took place after all data were collected, 3S was on standby during long periods of the trial. They continually checked in for updates so their resources were ready for the flurry of activities needed at the end of the trial necessary to meet the overall project deadline.  3S managed this without incident and was very patient and accommodating during the long delays.  We have worked with 3S for many years on a number of projects with a wide range of scope, duration and budget.  We continue to be impressed by how easy they are to work with, their flexibility and their ability to deliver value."

M.C. – Business Development Director 

"Our company has worked with 3S Consulting Group to execute several Brand Building and Lead Generation webinars.  This format has been very beneficial in delivering timely clinical information presented by notable thought leaders to our core audience. The sales leads generated as a result of these webinars have been tremendous, resulting in many new sales opportunities.  Moreover, Steve and Lisa have always been a pleasure to work with. We have been impressed by their responsiveness and flexibility."

C.S. - Strategic Marketing and Research Manager

"3S Consulting and Lisa have been a pleasure to work with on our lead generation and promotional activities. Our webinars have had excellent response rates and the live and replay sessions have been top notch. We plan to further partner with 3S for these and other activities in the future. They provide excellent value and insight into our marketing efforts."

N.R. - Commercial Marketing Manager

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